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A  Small Challenge

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6 days ago
Hey, you have some brazilian followers too, what kind of grammar erros are we talking about?
7 days ago
hey jo just want to link a death trash maybe you interested
8 days ago
Deity in Civ is mostly restarting till you get a perfect starting place to settle :P
8 days ago
Angie looks delicious as heck in that first panel.
8 days ago
That's a pretty spicy Angie. ;3

Also yeah, CIV gets pretty amusing when you see just how the AI will cheat at difficulties above prince. It becomes a trial of "how well can you exploit the game".
8 days ago
Be happy with the tech support, Unlike the guys currently locked out of their MS accounts, at least you can reach someone :/ (Seriously though, almost all companies save too heavily on their support contracts. What did they expect when they did outsourcing?)
8 days ago
Civ IV is the sexy one. The one with Leonard Nimoy.
8 days ago
Prince difficulty is the only fair one to play, at least in CIV IV