The Bestest Jedi

If you haven't watched the new Star Wars movie and want to avoid some very inconsequential spoilers, stop reading right now.


Let say I created a new Kryptonian character called SuperPal, SuperPal is like Superman, he has super-strength, flight, heat and x-ray vision and the weakness to kryptonite.

However, in the middle of the story, I also reveal he can turn invisible, read minds and bring people from the dead, because reasons. His new powers just pop when needed and even he doesn't know the full extents of his powers. He also has so many powers he sometimes forgets he has them and goes back to punching people when he could just fly invisible to the objective.

This is pretty much Rey in Rise of Skywalker. It's not she is super powerful, there are other powerful characters like Superman, the thing is her powers are limitless and she keeps getting new ones.

It also really fucks up the lore because now we don't know what a Kryptonian can and can't do. Maybe Superman can also turn invisible? Or maybe each Kryptonian has a specific set of powers?

Don't know, don't care. I just feel bad for those who do so.