What WoW Classic can't bring back is te sense of wonder of playing Azeroth for the 1st time.

Even if some company launched a huge game and it somehow was not datamined at launch, it would just be a repeat of what WoW did.

I know WoW was not the first MMORPG but it was the first lots of people played so exploring a huge world was something new.

At some point you stopped looking it as an adventure and started to see it as a game and eventually as a chore and when I play a new MMORPG I instantly switch to the "game" part.

For a game to repeat WoW success they need to present a world the player wants to explore and I feel we would need a technology shift for this to happen, something like VR or another experience enhancing add-on which would make people want to enjoy the game instead of reading a guide of how to reach level max in one week.