Unique Flavor

The original inspiration for today's comic is Vambrace: Cold Soul and while the game is not utter shit it's either average or mediocre depending on who you ask.

I avoided saying the name of the game in the comic because it would be unfair. The game isn't TERRIBLE just lacking compared with Darkest Dungeon which is clearly one of its inspirations. I also feel bad bashing any small game because I know making games is hard and they don't need me to fan the fires of dissent.

However, many indie games take style over substance, they have nice visuals or perhaps a novel concept but the gameplay is not solid and the interface is all over the place. The original idea for the comic was just Morgan doing a "meh" face and it would fit my opinion about the game but I think the stirp would be poor.

For all the flack AAA games get, most of them get the basics right.