The future of Anthem is grim, trapped in a trap of their own making.

First, there are the rumored development woes with Frostbite. It's a hard engine to work and the game actual development was rushed and a complicated engine didn't made things easier which led to a severe crunch to meet goals. For those who don't know the term, crunch is when developers work overtime for an extended period of time, the practice was exposed by Kotaku and now Bioware faces a dilemma... keep crunching and face backlash or don't crush and not make the needed changes in time. Given they failed to fulfill their roadmap of changes I believe they have chosen to drop crunching and delay the needed changes and updates.

If Anthem was built on an easier engine and the media eyes weren't upon them about crunch the game could have a chance but on our own timeline it will take months, maybe years, to give the game all the content it should have at launch and at this point, it will probably be too late.

From a business point of view I believe Anthem is a failed project and even if they poured money on it I don't believe the final, fixed result would be profitable barring some miracle like happened with Final Fantasy Realm Reborn.

I expect mass layoffs in 6 to 12 months which will signal the official status of "dead game" to all.