Outward is like Skyrim if Skyrim had no horse, no fast travel, no health regeneration, and drinking river water gave you indigestion.

I can accept the more realistic take on the fantasy life, needing to manage hunger, thirst, and fatigue. It makes for an interesting, more realistic take on adventuring and create some interesting situations where you start avoid combat because the benefit is low; enemies drop little of value and give no XP and the risk is high as any lost health isn't easy to regenerate.

However, walking was definitely NOT fun.

They could find some in-game solution... caravans to carry you from city A to city B, mounts, magic gateways, whatever. Walking is slow and tedious and basically how the game punishes you from dying because you may respawn far away from your objective.

It's a game which shows the negative sides of an indie game. If this was an AAA title probably someone would have pointed the walking was a bother but being a small project they all went on the idea of going for realism was a nice idea.

But hey, if you can tolerate holding the sprint button for long stretchs of time while avoiding combat this is the game for you!