Welcome Back

I don't think Hearthstone or WoW are "Fallout 76" levels of bad but both been running from a while and if you been playing since launch things do get stale.

I loved TF2 to death but at some point there was nothing else to do. I played all classes, all maps, all modes (hated CTF) got most of the achievements and even managed to dominated almost the whole server once.

At some point I got bored but the game cost me nothing so I could always jump back to see what's up and keep doing that for a long while. Now with Hearthstone (and WoW) thou. I need to pay, and pay quite a bit, to stay relevant on whatever the current meta is.

So that's the issue... it's not the game is awful, but it demand quite a bit of money for something which isn't giving back it's worth in fun. It isn't even like a P2W gacha game where money instantly translate into you being king of the hill.  You'll still face thousand of F2P players who used all their F2P dust to craft the most cancerous deck possible and give you a hard time on ladder.

Still, I'll check the forums to see what the public is thinking on it and if the reception is positive I may give it a try but if it's another Witchwood, holy shit, I'm out.