I'll Manage Somehow

Epic stated they don't want "crappy" (or adult) games on their store. I know Steam get some flack about their store being too cluttered with awful games

Having a fancier store which curates shovelware has it's an appeal. No more asset flips or shovelware which will appear every time you try to use the search feature.

Still, how'll they execute it? How will they sort all the games released every week? How many blo... dinners would you need to give to the right person to have your indie match-3 game featured on the front page of your curated store?

The only way I see them doing it is if they only allow AAA games or "indie" games from "small" companies like Devolver or Supergiant and any true indie game would need first to be popular on Steam before getting in.

Still, if people want someone to limit their choices for only the theoretically best games out there, it may be a good deal and I'm not being sarcastic here.