Old friend

Good luck or bad luck?

My old tablet  broke.. on the good side, it was very old and worm, and it was time to get a new one anyway;

On the bad side, the new tablet refused to work with Windows 7 properly but, on the good side, I managed to find an obscure solution after hours googling the problem.

Now my brand new HD is dying... on the good side, all relevant stuff is on the old HD and I have most of it in back up.

The HD dying is the reason the comic is delayed... I pondered working on old XP but, alas, the new tablet refuse to work with it and I simply have no energy to try to find a solution to it on XP. Luckly I was able to make the new HD work and finish today comic but it's a matter of time to him dying definitely.

Luckly, I think I will have money to buy another new HD so I guess it could be worse.

Good luck, or bad luck?