New and Improved

Some people argue Mass Effect now is too streamlined, too interested in catching the shooter fans and it cut out the RPG elements like inventory and a more complex specialization tree.

Personally, I agree, yes and think its a good thing. Yes, the game is more simple now (some surely will say "dumbed down") but I am happy to worry less about my stats and more about the story. More fans from others genres means more profit and more people to talk about it. 

Maybe one day, when games were insanely hard and we lacked online FAQs making a complex and deep stat system was worth but now people will quickly shun a system they can't grasp instantly and get frustated if they build a "bad" character.

Most games today are already fail proof, making almost impossible to make a bad character. Streamlining inventory and stat ystem is the next natural step. 

And talking about bad characters, they really buffed Engineers. Shepard use drone spam: it's super effective.

p.s. Comic in black and white due to broken tablet. Replacement on route.