The Ends

I was about to buy Omensight (it's on sale) but I do what I always do which is check the reviews first and not surprisingly most of the complains were about the ending.

Omensight joins the rank of many, many, MANY indie games which for whatever reason refuse to give the player a happy conclusion. Nope, glorious triumph, it seen, is something you need to pay 60 USD or more to get.

On Omensight defense they just released a patch which added a non-bleak ending to the game. Kudos to them... still I was so pissed about yet another indie game being edgy which I created this comic just to shit on them.

I could make a list of all indie games I played lately which have sad / bittersweet / bleak endings but this would be kind spoilerish but know this: you are not being original when every other indie game with a story is doing the same thing giving us a shitty ending.

Rant end.