Machine Spirit 3

I like when one comic chain into another smoothly ... this started has a Terra Tech strip and now we are into Warhammer 40 territory. Maybe I can even chain it in another one if I got the inspiration.

Talking about 40k, on my personal headcanon most of the Space Marines feats are grossly exagerated, basically Imperium propaganda. I mean, we have tales of a single Space Marine holding whole legions by himself. Even assuming he is a perfect war machine who never tires and never misses you assume the enemy is just going to miss forever and his equipment will never fail or run out of ammo.

Personally I like to think Space Marines like armored cyber-gorillas in terms of power and resistance. Still it's just my headcanon and if you think their faith on the Emprah will make them survive plasma shots to the face power to you. :)