Mobile Gaming

I played a lot of mobile gaming but honestly, even without anything better they barely made the cut.

A common trend I saw on mobile gaming, even on paid ones, was a focus on long, grindy games. I'm looking at you "Out There".

Controls were always an issue so I don't even bother playing anything which require fine motor skills. I have decades of mouse and joypad experience I'm not restarting from scratch on something I play once in a blue moon.

Of all the games I played, the only one I found worth my moonies was "The Room", sadly it was a puzzle game which isn't my pick of genre for something you want to play for hours.

Special mention to Puzzle Forge which was fun until I found you go back to start when you lose (thou you keep your upgrades. Thanks but... no, thanks.

p.s. I expect lots of people to like the middle girl more than the tall one but I'm sure you guys got the joke meaning.