True Reason

The new Pyro weapon looks very nice. I was fearing he would receive some shitty shotgun sidegrade or a melee weapon but those look actually interesting.

I'm curious of how the dragon breath flamethrower will work... belching a fireball perhaps? What about the range and ammo?

The jetpack is a secondary, but if you have a primary which don't need to reload not having a secondary is not that bad. I can see lots of Flyros in the future.

The one I don't really understood is the gas can... do you throw it on people like jarate? People ignite on any damage or just fire based sources? The smoke is a blast which fades instantly or it hang around for a while? Looks interesting but it's competing with the jetpack slot so I don't see much use.

What more can I say? I expect lots of people playing TF2 tomorrow.