TF2 Update

It's happeeeeeeening.

Some of you guys want to know what I think of the update so let's give my opinion based on what information we have right now.

New taunts and cosmetics - Been there, done that. Some are good looking, some are the usual silly shit I hate. So far, I've not seen anything which catch my eye but I'm not big into cosmetics to be honest.

New maps - Lots of maps on this one... I wish there was 2 payload maps but having 1 payload race and 1 regular payload is a compromisse. Of course nobody will play payload race after the 1st week but at least is there. I feel the jungle theme will grow old fast though, with so many maps using it.

New weapon skins - If you really wanted to use X skin on Y weapon, this is the udpate for you. It's a step up from the old format. I could bitch about weapon skins looking silly but let's move on...

New campaing thing -   It will make finishing the campaign faster. I did all the campaings and was kind fed up with it, but being able to choose my path and complete it with friends means I may do it this time too.

Pyro Jetpack - I said many times Pyro biggest hurdle is being an attack class with no range and no mobility, forcing him to either lose time going longer routes, or dying in the spammy main road. I hope the little jetpack thing we saw on the trailer signals Pyro is receiving some extra mobility and I feel it can be a game changer.

We still have 2 more days to go so who know what Valve is saving for us?

I may need to take the mini-sentry out of the closet...