When Destiny lanched I wanted to play it but alas, the game was console only and my interest quickly faded.

Years later, perhaps realizing the console market isn't THAT big after all, Bungie decided to go multiplatform and I could finally give it a try.

But wait, looks like there is a new grindan-shooter in the market called Anthem! When it rains, it pours.

I've heard some justified comparisons between Anthen and the struggling The Division which range from gameplay to how the demo played and while I say some of it it's fair, I want to point some key differences.

- Anthem setting is different. For some this isn't important but for me it's a big deal.

- A byproduct of The Division being focused on our world is the enemies will mostly be humans, slow moving targets strafing from cover to cover using hitscan weapons. It gets old FAST.

- The Division seemed to have a big focus on PvP, and I want the PvE.

Now, Anthem may fail for a myriad of reasons, but I had no interest on The Division while I do like Anthem, they are, in my mind, different games.

Now, between Anthem and Destiny 2.... close call.

Anthem is 3rd person (a plus or a minus depending of the person), has jetpacks (yay) and an open world.

Destiny 2 is 1st person with the whole "right click to scope" mechanic I loathe and since it's a sequel Bungie probably know now what to do and to do not.

My mind says Destiny 2 will be the superior game, because experience matters but my heart think Anthem looks cooler because I like jetpacks and hate scoping.