Darkest Dungeon

I was extremely hyped about Darkest Dungeon, then the hype died when I found out how punishing the game was... hype came back with the release of Radiant (aka, easy) mode and died again when I started playing it and my units started a spiral of stress, disease and mental illness and yet... I keep coming back for more so I guess the game is good?

I like most of the things about the game. The narrative, the art, the combat, etc, etc. HOWEVER... one aspect of the game I don't like is how your units slowly but surely pile up negative traits to a point you need to pick a fresh one. The issue here isn't (only) a personal attachment to the veteran who fought countless battles but the need to train a replacement. It's an annoying setback which i utterly dislike.

Going back to easier dungeons with underpowered units after having tasted the end-game is just not fun and I'm baffled has someone though this was a good idea, specially when the game itself is already grindy.

One way to see Darkest Dungeon gameplay is a slow death march when you do 2 steps ahead, 1 step back. The death march by itself is a test of endurance, but the step back is the extra kick in the nuts I think I could live without.

But the game got tentacles, so they get a pass.