Welcome To My Reality

I believe the most relevant character in the Overwatch lore get the higher cards, and the least popular ones, or the ones without too much ties with the rest of the cast, get the lower ones.

That's why Orisa and Symmetra got the 9, they have almost no ties with the rest of the cast. Even on gaming, networking is important.

recently I decided to try as many games as possible and I give a chance to Salt and Sanctuary. The game homage to Dark Souls is obvious and I really wanted to enjoy it, but I did not...

Dark Souls, at least for me, was about finding the combo of weapon + armor which feels just right for you and rolling with it. The game combat had a depth which satisfied. SnS 2d combat lacked that one extra dimension which made all the difference.

Dark Souls combat isn't exactly fast, but combat is not that common and you can mostly avoid it if you want so this isn't an issue. Salt and Sanctuary mob density is annoying and avoiding than is harder because you can't just run by their side. Doesn't help the enemies WILL follow you to other rooms, creating a possible mob train of death.

The veredict here is.. I did not found SnS combat deep enough to be interesting, or flashy enough to be exciting. It's a slow slog versus blocking enemies until you fall from a platform and die.

To close, I did not find the game exactly eye catching. Not saying it's ugly but I'm not making fanart of it for example.

Next rant I'll talk about Darkest Dungeon. Stay tuned...