Dead Cells

There is a new game on Steam called Dead Cells. Which pretty much hit all the right buttons with me. I'm a simple person, I see 2d roguelikes, I open my wallet.

But than I held my breath... is this game finished or...

Nope, the dreaded early access tag popped and my excitement faded.

It's not I expect the game to suck, or to not be released. I may as well buy it now with a discount instead of waiting 10 months for the full version BUT I won't be playing it until the full release.

My main issue is enjoying the game and reaching the "end" of it and having to wait 6 months for the rest of the game to be released. I don't need to explain how frustating is to stop a game you are enjoying because you bought basically a beta.

For me, early access are for games what raw meat are for steaks. I prefer my games well done.