8th Edition

Eight edition are lots of editions! It will probably change some rules which will change my knowledge of the game from nothing to nil. I follow 40k for the settings because the game itself has way too much dice rolling, and this is coming from someone who enjoys some nice numbered cubes.

I think the most telling change is the end of codices. I feel on this virtual age where info is easily shared, having books who can be easily pirated is not profitable. Better to focus on the mini part of the business who is more profitable and let the whole book part of the business go.

Talking about the lore part, looks like it is somehow moving, but I know there are many ways to inch the story foward in a way where the impending doom SEEN close but it never happens.The far future been grimdark for ages and yet no in-game empire fell. It doesn't help the changes on the fantasy Warhammer were not well received to a point "Sigmarized" (as in, Age of Sigmar) turned into a slur between the players.

Personally, I enjoy the older lore more but hey, let's hope for the best here.

If all fails, throw more dakka I guess.

p.s. For those who don't know, Games Workshop isn't keen of suing many 40k fan projects. While I hope they won't bother me it's something I always keep in mind when doing stuff about their IPs.