True Legend

I've been bing reading some mangas... just this last 3 days I read all of 7 Deadly Sins, Tales of Demons and Gods and Kengan Ashua.

I was deeply disappointed with 7 Deadly Sins. It's very shonen (think Dragonball, they even have power levels) and people die and come back to life on a whim and bullshit "secret" powers are activated any time the hero needs to solve a losing conflict. On the topic of people coming back to life, even some people who started the series dead come back to life which gave the series a negative body count.

Tales of Demons and Gods isn't technically a manga since I think it's korean or chinese, and the art did not impress me which is 50% of the reason I stick to a manga but I enjoyed the story. The protagonist uses his brains for once which is refreshing.

Kengan Ashua is the best of the bunch. Good art, good plot... it's a underworld fighting manga which start pretty normal but eventually people start being to do some over the top stuff like poke holes on steel walls with their fingers but at least they are not flying or shooting lasers from their eyes... yet.

I'm out of new mangas to read again... just don't suggest me Tokyo Ghoul again. I dislikef the art and the protagonist. Sorry Tokyo Ghoul fans.