Like every expansion, Blizzard is slowly tickling down card reveals. Usually Blizzard only give famous Hearhstone personalities some cards and let them show it to the people.

This time however we some interesting lore page which will ALSO reveal some cards if enough people visit it.

After Sombra shit though, I'm beyond over any kind of progress bar coming from Blizzard. Call me triggered  but I prefer to forget the expansion is coming and be plesantly surprised than to being teased again.

Of course, some more jaded people think the whole progress thing is rigged and the bar would fill up anyway, click or no click because it's in Blizzard's best interest to reveal a card and generate hype.

To surprise of many, the last progress bar thing failed and the Warlock legendary was not  revealed, which may throw this theory to the ground.... unless they let it fail ON PURPOSE to drive a point.

The point being to not mess up with Blizzard's progress bars.