Bait, Hook and Line

The road for the cap is delicious and fun, everybody is friendly, everything is a new thrilling experience and most important, you are always stronger and mightier after every log off.

But you are new to the cap only once, and after the thrill of caphood fades, you start craving that feeling again, the feeling of power and progression.

Soon you change builds, join groups of strangers and mindless farm slime poo so you can enchant your knee-pad with +1 to charisma. Finally, progress!

But eventually you fought all instances you could and farmed all the poo in the world, there is nothing left, nothing except...

No, you don't go there, you won't raid. You heard the stories.. the sleepless nights, the drama, the grind..

..must... resist...

Damn, that dagger have +50 to e-peen!