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First Time
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Excellent Man
about 14 years ago
rape ensues
almost 15 years ago
I want to see where this is going. Also, I want to see Princess-tan get revenge on her mother the Queen for being a bitch. XD

Oh, and the camcorder IS backwards.
Is not pleased.
almost 15 years ago
What the fuck man stop following me. I just finished TWEWY too, get your own game!
almost 15 years ago
just google the daughter's name and you will find this video in a weird hentai site
almost 15 years ago
Now you know there's gonna be Rule 34 of this.

Has to be. (And no I am neither following nor invoking Rule 35)
almost 15 years ago
nahhhhh, he just took it off to look more menacing.

>:3 rawr
oh no
almost 15 years ago
He must have idled for that monocle & top hat :(
almost 15 years ago
So, let's see what new in nernow.com ... Oh... monster porn! Thank you author! :D
almost 15 years ago
Id save her, if you know what I mean.
almost 15 years ago
Love this Ark XD
If Terry Pratchet were like 40 years younger, he would totaly have come up with thi XD
Dr. Obso1337
almost 15 years ago
He probably finished ODST a few hours ago.
almost 15 years ago
On your twitter you mentioned whether GH is casual or hardcore. Easy answer. It's casual when you play with your friends, it's hardcore when you play by yourself :)
The Hedgehog
almost 15 years ago
If your going to start on the Halo series you might as well start from the beginning....
Ahhh the good ol'days of Master Chief. =]

I must admit when I saw the title when loading the page my mind was being a little pervy...
almost 15 years ago
No SRG, he took them off because now he's a "monster" not just a common gentleman/dragon guy. Derp.
almost 15 years ago
"Mother, could you embarrass me ANY more?"
some random guy
almost 15 years ago
it looks like she about to fart/projectile feces/piss/fire a tampedo in his face.
almost 15 years ago
from the maker of Turkish "rambo" comes
Turkish "press start"
the second panel needs more monocle and top hat.
Shot trip
almost 15 years ago