IOS 10

I don't like Apple products. While they have quality, I think they are overpriced and have a "Apple way" or doing things which I dislike. Namely, their softwares have little customization options and many times they'll have some questionable design decisions which you NEED to adapt because like I said, little customization features.

Still, I can understand the appeal, if anything, for the smug satisfaction of showing off a pricey gadget.

Plus, while I dislike Apple customization options, or lack of it, I can't deny their softs usually looked pretty, even if this costed some ease of use sometimes.

And them they roll the new IOS chat features with animated emojis rescued from MySpace.

Is that what Apple users want? What next? Strawberry scented cases? Squeaky buttons?

I guess Steve Jobs was the glue who held Apple together, or perhaps a better comparision would be a sheperd who prevented his flock from jumping of a cliff.