Told You!

I don't like how prevalent Warrior is on the ladder but even the barrage of Garroshs (and sometimes Magnis) is better than fighting the degenerate which is Priest.

I'd said it before and I'd say it again. I much prefer to lose to Undertaker Hunter than to fight Lightbomb control Priest. It's faster too which is a bonus.

Control Priest is terrible because you lose the match very early, but you don't know it. You play with the hope he don't have a removal when you throw your last big threat just for it to be Entombed after a long match.

At least Zoo has the decency of finish you early instead of giving you hope.

Any meta with no Priest is a good meta, thus, current meta is the best one  Hearthstone ever had.

If Priest is brought back from the dumpster he rightfully deserves the game will be less enjoyable. You have been warned.

If'I am proven wrong, this means Thief Priest isn't coming back which is a win in my book and I'd gladly accept the mockery if this means I'll never see something like Lightbomb again.