Back In My Day

I'm surprised at people fondly remembering the old days of WoW.

Sure, I enjoyed it but mostly because it was my first MMORPG, but the game has so many glaring flaws it was not funny, with the biggest offender being lack of content.

I guess if you played the game until the cap and imediatly rolled an alt when you reached the it you would have the best experience, because the road to the cap was fun specially if you picked a new starting zone.

But from cap and oward the game was bare, and there were time sinks everywere.

I'm not talking about "fun" time sinks like reputation farming, I'm talking about smelting a single metal bar taking several seconds seconds and flying from one zone to another taking several minutes. Wow probably gave me the bad habit of tabbing while gaming.

There was a novelty of doing it at that time, about literally braving Azeroth and finding shit, but today we have wikis with datamined content and that experience just can't be recreated even if you bring the old servers back.

Still, to people to miss those days... and actually PLAY it...

Nostalgia is a hell of a drug.