Crazy News

Valve blocked All Pick, the most popular game format in Dota, for some days.

People enjoy All Pick because they can pick their favorite flavor of the meta heroes and try to pump their MMR. This create the scenery where you see the same heroes a lot in All Pick.

There are modes where this can be avoided, for example, Captain's Mode, where the captain can ban some heroes, but those modes are not as popular as All Pick for several reasons.

People also queue for All Pick because the wait times are smaller, this create a chicken-and-egg problem of people not picking other modes because they are not popular and the mode not being popular because the queue times are long.

Some people believe All Pick is off for "ceremonial reasons" and it's being replaced with a different mode. I won't mind a mode where I could ban Storm Spirit every time. I don't care he is not top tier anymore, I'd still ban him for spite.