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over 8 years ago
@Technature: This is a gaming comic, about a diverse medium with lots of news and updates as well. You won't get every comic. Instead of bitching about a comic, realize the joke isn't 'for' you, and wait for the next one. Or, do some research, if you care what the comic is lampooning.
over 8 years ago
@Type99: People not realizing not everyone is interested in metal gear or have the money to pay for the games.
People criticizing others for not understanding the comic because of reasons he doesn't know.

Me readying the cyanide pill.
over 8 years ago
@Shellhit: Not a brazillian, not even human actually.
over 8 years ago

I had trouble telling whether this strip was a comment on purely in-game mechanics or a more metafictional take on something about MGSV's business model. I had to dig into external gaming news sources to confirm that it's the latter.
over 8 years ago
I'm not familiar with MGSV and it took me a minute to unravel things. It would've been helpful if the mafia/yakuza depicted here were more explicitly defined as a metaphor for Konami.
over 8 years ago
@Type99: To be honest for someone who never play Phantom Pain the comic is super-confusing, because the whole situation is absurd. "Play real money, so your ingame stuff won't be stolen!". This is some Zynga stuff going on.
over 8 years ago
People not knowing anything about Metal Gear
People not understanding comic
People saying that comic is not fun

Me losing faith in humanity once again
over 8 years ago
They're agents for Cipher Boss! You gotta kill them!

Don't listen to Ocelot, he just wants to torture them and then convert them to the base.
over 8 years ago
@ Sam Measa @Yuri Alexander Alegre:
Thank you, that helped.
over 8 years ago
@Zero: In MGS V, there's an online side thing. You get stuff (either with time or $), and then people wreck your base, and you can attack theirs. Konami is selling insurance, where if people attack you and take your stuff, you can keep your stuff instead of being at ground zero.
over 8 years ago
Reminds me about an old Monty Python sketch where mafia tried to extort money from the Army.
Why Venom Snake has no horn?
Also Konami are bunch of scumbags. Seriously guys?

@Raxyz: "First time we've seen a brazilian fighter that isn't a capoerista"
over 8 years ago

over 8 years ago
What the fuck?

What's the joke?

Who even are these people?

Not even a fucking dota comic.
over 8 years ago
FOB = Forward operations base. MGSV you can be attacked for the resources stored there.
Guys in red are mobsters preforming a standard shake down. Walk in, break a few small things, and suggest you need to pay them. Or it happen again to the rest of your place.
Ryugo got who Snake is.
over 8 years ago
Jo, I feel the need to remind you that not everyone lives in your head, and whatever the hell you were thinking about when you made this comic isn't apparent to everyone. I'm guessing that's MGSV Snake missing the shrapnel, but fuck me if I can figure out who the other guys are or what's happening.
over 8 years ago
@Elhao: Bearded man with eyepatch = MGSV

No excuses from now on.
over 8 years ago
I have absolutely no idea what this comic is about. Would someone mind explaining?
over 8 years ago
I know you're not into Street Fighter, but not a single mention of Laura? First time we've seen a brazilian fighter that isn't a capoerista. Jiu-Jitsu FTW! XD
Truth be told I hate SF, but this one looks awesome, whereas the new Tekken looks a bit boring. How the tables has turned...