Old Flame

I need to give this to Blizzard, they really tried to fix Diablo III and they did it.

The game is, perhaps, not what they could have been...long time ago it had a system close to Path of Exile with you being able to put runes to give your fireball  multishot and slow for example. Still, I can't deny the game is fun right now.

Personally, I'm a big fan of the "change your build at any moment" thing which makes the old "you can't respect" things kinda obsolete. Many times I'd tried to change a couple of skills just for curiosity sake, sometimes keeping them, sometimes going back to what I'm used to. Disintegrate - Chaos Nexus been my buddy since forever, but Teleport took the place of Hydra now I'm not one-shotted by everything. It may sound weird to get a defensive skill now the game is easier but this just means I can risk playing on zones outside Act III bridge which was basically kite country with Blizzard and Hydra.

And this leads to Path of Exile. Mind you, Path isn't a bad game but the last time I played it was unfinished and had a trade based economy I loath almost as much as the online auction house. Also, ninja loot is commonplace and basically part of the game philosophy of portraing their world as a ruthless place.

Basically, I played Path of Exile because at the time it was the better game for several reasons, and now Diablo III slowly took the first place again.

Good job Blizzard.