Art Style

Anything which have cosmetic items will eventually release something controversial, and given enough time, enough controversial items will populate the game.

What bother me isn't the new Kunkka hat though... it's Dota 2 used to have a "clean" design. Heroes like Enigma, Viper, Tidehunter and Skeleton King had few, but iconic elements.

Now I feel the heroes all are busy, full of frills and dongles. Sure, the Kunkka hat may be over the top but many of the popular sets are equaly as busy. A elegant plain sword won't sell, but put some jewels, a fire effect and glowing runes and it will be the next big thing.

So, in the end, the new hat doesn't bother me. I been bothered for way too long already for previous design choices and coming from TF2 I know where this road ends. I will just play the game and enjoy the concept art.

p.s. This comic has both DOTA and TF2.