Company Of The Year

Poor EA can't take a break.

First I need tol say I don't like EA. It looks like their games are ruled by the marketing department, not by game designers. Like some evil corporate vampire they seduce smaller companies only to suck them dry leaving behind a dried husk and a trail of bad games.

Still, you always have the option of not buying their games.It's not like they deleted Steam from your computer, installed Origin and demanded you to pay money every time you touched your mouse. You can safely move away from their sphere of influence and never, ever, be bothered by bad endings, DRMs or shitty sequels.

Still, it's an online voting on the internet. I think the Consumerist should rethink how they collect their votes or just rename the contest "Social Media Hate Meter"

p.s. I'd also thank everybody who "liked' the page. It may not seen much, but it really helps. Thanks guys!