This weekend we had some awesome DOTA2 showmatches. Since they were showmatches the teams played a little more relaxed than usual, which end up with team Na'Vi dominating team Evil Genius with mass Dagons. It was both painful and hilarious to watch.

Don't take these showmatches too seriously though, while there was some money in the table and the teams played to win, I don't think they put on their game face there.

However, today's match was a different beast and Na'Vi, again, outplayed Evil Genius. No Dagons involved this time, thankfully.

For those who don't know, Dagon is considered a bad item which costs quite a bit and doesn't give much in return.

And on the bad news, my computer has been freezing while I play TF2.

I hope it's just a problem on TF2, and not on the computer itself. Repairing the computer is always a hassle.