I tried 1.05 and, yes, the game is easier.

How easier? Well, Inferno mode now "feels" like Hell mode. Surely, if I had bad gear it would be challenging but since I farmed quite a bit in the past, I'm powerful enough to just zap everything to oblivion.

And this is a good thing.

Before I had to use 3 protection spells (mirror image, diamond skin and energy shield) just to survive a 2 hits from anything. Now I can adjust my skills / gear based on how much I want to risk death. I can go slow and steady focusing on esnares and escape, or can go full blow DPS, or anything in between.

Of course, you can raise the challenge at will (aka the old player_x command) but the core idea is, if you and your friends want to play Inferno mode, you can without dying every other second by playing on the default difficult.

The best part is you are free to experiment any skill you want, be it because you find it easy to use, do more damage or be like a friend of mine who choose her Wizard skills "because they looked good".

It's just a pity my friends don't play anymore, and a bigger pity how limited the game was at launch in terms of builds and fun.