The Michael Bay Effect

When I saw cars could be used as cover, part of me guessed, perhaps, they could blow up and kill the soldier behind it.

But they would not explode by just normal shots right? Specially if I stay away from the engine. A shot on the trunk or the whell and I'd be safe, right?

Nope. They still blow up.

Maybe tanks are different since they are armored?




Assume all cover will explode. And if doesn't explode, the aliens will throw a grenade there to fix it.

I enjoyed XCOM, but sometimes I feel I could move my 14 soldiers in the original faster than I can move my 6 guys on the new one, but since I only need to move 6 guys it's not that bad.

I already finished it on normal and was not that hard. I'm pondering if I should start a Classic run. I will avoid Ironman thou. Between bugs and time I prefer to load if something goes very bad, specially if the mistake was caused by a misclick or some chain of unlucky shots.