Rainy Day - End

Aaaaaaand that's a wrap.

This arc showed me what I already knew. There is a sharp decline in revenue anytime I stick too long on any subject. While the numbers of visitors was more or less stable, the revenue took a drop.

I told numbers of visitors was steady but this is, too, a bad thing. Nerf NOW!! is usually getting more visitors as time goes by so just keeping stable is a bad thing.

Also, if for any reason the arc is not popular, I still need to finish it, which may take weeks.

I feel I had to make a last arc, just to confirm all this and  and to give the fans of arcs something to remember. However, I regret saying I simply can't afford to keep doing this. Arcs take more time to make and gives less money in exchange.

Some people pointed its the quality of the arc which made it get less revenue, I will not fight this point even if I don't agree with it, but I will point any creative works will be have high and lows, and I simply can't afford the risk. One bad strip last one day, one bad arc last weeks.

People said this arc was slow but... really? The 1st arc had 17 pages, Starcraft one had 15. Heavy + Medic arc also 15. Thing is, it takes a while to tell a comic without words, exposition is slow because I don't use words and simple concepts take a full page because I need to show, not tell.

Maybe in the future I will start a 2nd site where I will focus on long arcs but I for now, the chances of another one are pretty small.