The Sky Is Falling

The game got better from some classes (specially Barbarians) and worse to any class which stacked attack speed (namely Demon Hunter, but Wizard and Monks too)

The thing is, Blizzard wants you to play on a very specific way. This way is starting an act, killing 5 elite packs and killing the boss at the end if you want. Farming only the bosses, Golden Imps, cracking pots / weapon racks or whatever other "unfun" alternative been nerfed to hell and beyond.

Honestly, I'd like to see how Blizzard employers do Inferno. My opinion is nobody does it and the game was made to be played from Normal to Hell. Inferno is all weird, from skills you can effectively use to enemy power level.

But hey, I'm exploring underground jungles trying to make a Jungle Armor on Terraria now. What I know?