Not Cool, Bro

Some people come to defend Game For Windows Live on the last strip so let me clarify a little.

Outside being cluncky and cumbersome and adding a uncessary layer on top of Steam, I had 2 of 3 games flat out not working on GFWL.

So it's not a case of "oh, woe is me, GFWL isn't as good as Steam" problem. It's more of a "The game won't start, so what's the point?"

MAYBE this time it will work, but would you risk it? Would you pay money for a chance of it working? Maybe this time I will get the golden ticket and be able to play it?

If you never had problem with it, please, go ahead. It sounds like a good game but outside being an horrible system, GFWL don't work with me so it's not even an issue.

Also, Dustforce is on Steam. Go check it. They looks preeeeeetty.

Twisted Shadow Planet is on Steam too but, again... GFWL. *sigh*