Diablo III launches in 2 months! I should be pumped but...

The "wounds" of Mass Effect 3 are still fresh and I don't want to jump from one hype train to another blindly. To record, I enjoyed Mass Effect 3 more than, say Skyrim and I think, overall, it's a nice game... but if I knew 5 years ago it would end that way, let's just say I won't do so many sidequests.

Basically, my disapointment with the game is equal of how much I invested on it. I guess if you just jumped on it on ME3 and didn't import your save you had a blast. The less you cared about Mass Effect, more you enjoyed it.

Still... I think people opinions these days are polarized. Games are either GOTY or worthles crap and god forbid if you give them a single reason to hate you.

The internet says there is something related to Baldur's Gate going but I'm not sure if I want another multi-chapter RPG like the original Baldur's. I will stick to something shorter and sweeter now and perhaps, not made by Bioware.

I didn't forgot the day-one DLC after all.