Bounty Hunters

I'm going to buy some of the Mass Effect 2 DLCs (mosty the story ones) and ME3 on Origin, but mostly because I already started it, and I don't want any loose strings.

But I find Bioware/EA stance on DLC and plataforms petty, and I don't want to repeat it again. I want to finish my shepard story but after that I will follow ME universe (which I find awesome by the way) from distance.

My stance isn't even about the money. I'd even pay for a special edition if it would had all future DLCs included at a reasonable price, but I don't enjoy to constantly weight my entertainement. Should I buy it? And that? Is the price right? As much content? I want to pay ONCE and after that, just enjoy it.

Even Blizzard 3-part SC campaign is better because, at least, I know beforehand I'm paying triple for the whole game experience. With Bioware, the initial price tag is just the beginning.