This comic is based on a true story. It's even more fun when you are were trying to setup your first WoW raid on vanilla using vent / ts. The mix of high number of people plus little technical knowledge made for some fun times. Someone always end up being perma-muted, usually a hunter.

All solutions have a problem. Skype doesn't really work well with multiple people, lots of people are not used to Mumble and TS / Vent are technically worst than Mumble (or so they say), but people are used to it. I personally had problem with all of them.

Also, fuck push to talk.

Thanks for all suggestions. In all honesty, I will go with whatever I have the easiest time finding. Avaliability goes a long way to make me watch a show because I surely won't want to dig ancient torrents and unreliable sites to get it.

Enjoy the comic!