The Sound of Success

I hear the complains about SWTOR and it's like I'm hearing WoW players complaining about their game. If anything, the road to fame and fortune is paved with players shouts and tears.

Bioware forums are probably full of people claiming they will quit the game because of this and that, and even more players asking for their stuff. Sounds familiar?

This comic isn't about the perceived quality of the game. The bottom line it's if you sold 1 million copies you are bound to collect your fair share of complainers. Are the complainers right? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But WoW survived Paladins, Shamans, Lorelol and now, Pandas. If looks like there are lots of people complaing chances are simply the game have lots of players.

When the complains stop that's when you should get worried. Ask Final Fantasy XIV.

Engie homeless adventures will return shortly, just needed a little break.