Criminal Scum

Skyrim is a game with repercussions. Kill that guy on the road and you may find yourself being hunted by the whole county.

I didn't want to pursue the path of (total) violence so I avoided conflict in "civilized" areas. To my surprise when I enter a fort expecting a warm welcome and perhaps a vendor, I am greeted by a flurry of arrows and curses.

I back away, trying to find what I did wrong and what kind of opposition I'm facing, and then realise that they're bandits.

Being magically imbued with the knowledge of their past crimes, I found myself razing their numbers with no worry of retribution. Hell, there may even be a reward for it somewhere out there.

Though it would be bad if it was a fort manned by chickens.


I really enjoyed some of the comics people came up with from yesterday... I didn't expect people to actually bother doing the comics and it was a very nice surprise!

And paperdoll engie is simply lovely. I want to try something within this style again in the future.