Banned From Life

 A bit of context...

Origin can ban someone's account for misbehaving on the forums. While being a troll doesn't assure you will lose your account, it's between the possible punishments they may use.

I know internet trolls earn little love, but a good troll will hardly be seen as one, which may also lead to a genuine complainer being labeled as a troll and thus, banned.

Also, a good troll would just make a mock account with no game attached and troll at will.

It all gets more hilarious when people are banned for some small transgressions like swearing.

In the end, I would be very wary about complaining about anything on Origin forums, or even using them at all.  Maybe this will make for "cleaner no matter what" forums but it also would be a place where little to no meangiful discussion is made since any naysayer could be banned.

Well, if they succeed their forums will be as orderly and tidy as a military academy, and probably half as fun.