Autumn Sale

 The Steam Autumn sale, so close to christmas, got me by surprise. Still, I survived it pretty safely because I realised most of what I want now (Deus Ex, Warhammer 40k) will probably be on sale again at Christmas so I may as well wait and play more games from my backlog instead for now.

The sale is now gone but since I'm not paid to announce Valve bargains, it's all cool. Note to Valve - pay me to announce your sales.

Still, I ended up buying a couple of indie games I found interesting. If they are good, it's money well spent and if they suck, it's no big deal. I also somehow found myself the owner of the soundtrack of The Binding of Isaac, I just like that game's soundtrack that much.

Talking about soundtracks, there is a certain game out there which has a cool soundtrack which is deserves a comic. Can you guess which one?