A Hero's Quest

I keep on my adventures on DOTA2 and even managed to win my first victory (against bots) with Windrunner.

The computer AI is a quirky enemy... they will always pick the same pool of 10 heroes so there is little variety but most of these heroes have a nuke or a ranged stun so at the late stage of the game being one-shotted by a perfect combo of 3 spells isn't uncommon.

I'm still getting the hang of all the items, spells and the whole lane game thing. Small steps, small steps.

 A friend of mine told me what to do with Windrunner so I got the hang of her, and a tutorial online told me how to win with Lion (nuke, nuke, and nuke again). I want to win with every hero at least once before risking multiplayer and having another taste of the community.