Movie of the year

I decided to try something different with MW3. I decided to just watch it all instead of playing it, and you know what? I liked it more that way.

The game plays like a movie and, like a movie, it is best "played" on a single sitting with no interruption. The boring whack-a-move parts are all skipped and only the juicy action sequence remains. The levels being a heavily scripted linear sequence won't bother you anymore and actually turn into a good thing because the guy playing won't deviate to explore or catch an power-up. Best, he edit out all the dying and non-interesting parts so you have only the interesting moments.

I found the story hard to swallow, but not harder than most action flicks. Some stuff are so expected which are almost predictable.

By watching it online I saved money, time and had more fun than actually playing it. Modern Warfare campaign is best played with a remote.