Used Ships Salesman

Star Wars The Old Republic made me realise I like ships. Looking some of my favorite games, Star Control, Homeworld, Star Fox, they all had ships in them. I even endured EVE for a while because orbiting a space station was nice when you had a cool ship to look at.

I tried SWTOR with a single purpose: To grab a ship. Ships allow you to move from planet to planet and each class has a different one. They all funciton the same and have the same facitilies, but each class get something which fits their backstory better. That means smugglers fly a freighter. Troopers fly a military ship and Jedis fly the pimpmobile.

Since all ships perform the same, there is no advantage outside of looks. The trooper ship isn't superior in combat, and the smuggler freighter doesn't make your inventory bigger. In the end, it just boils down to looks. If you are a fan of the Millennium Falcon you may find the smuggler choice good, otherwise you got the short end of the stick. The trooper ship has a few good things going, namely not being the bounty hunter ship! Sith ships are sterile and sinister like them and while imposing, I dread the idea of staying there for long stretches of time.

The smuggler ship reminded me of when I got my mechanostrider mount in WoW.. I knew I would get something silly when I choose gnome, and I liked it clunkness, but I couldn't avoid but notice how the elves nightsabers were nice and imposing.

If you go smuggler, know that you will fly something fitting to your status, for better or  for worse.