Stuff of Legends

I played the D3 beta, and it was good.

They took all the bad things, even thing I didn't knew they were bad, and removed them. Going back to city to sell stuff? No need. Going back to city to raise a fallen companion? He just got back to his feet if you didn't die. And you don't need to carry a book full of scrolls of Town Portal either.

The skill change sounds weird at first. It is kinda like Guild Wars 1, in which you have access to all your skills but can take only 5 of them to combat. It's not about having lvl 20 Ice Orb but about the combo of skills which you are taking to battle. Add runestones which change how a skill behave (bigger aoe, add freezing, longer range, etc) and you have lots of customization.

I was disappointed with Starcraft 2 and after finishing the campaign and playing online a couple of times I just found it not my cup, and SC1 was the game which made me enjoy online gaming, but this was 10 years ago.

Diablo 3 is all Diablo 2 is, but better, and I am buying it as soon as its released, with auction house and online requeriments and all.