Long ago, at WoW beta, Taurens had this ability called "plainsrunning" which worked kind like Worgen Running Wild.

People complained this was yet again Horde taking the short end of the stick, while Alliance had 4 races all with their own mounts, Horde was again taking the bastard child treatment.

So Taurens were given their mounts, and there was much rejoice, expect if you ever saw a kodo moving at 100% speed, you clearly see it was not made to move that fast, it looks like it's having a seizure while under crack. The players won this battle, but at what cost?

The lesson is player voice got weight, and the devs are listening, so it was a matter of time until gnomes could ride nightsabers and taurens could ride raptors.

But that's what the players asked, and once the silly train depart the station, there is no knowing where it will stop, and the people behind the game will be the first one to stop caring.